Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Medium size projects evaluation key for obfusc

I decided to give free to small companies and indepennent programmers a keycode for obfusc.
This key works for projects with less than 1000 unique identifiers (a large majority of php projects)!
If you are a biger company or want to support my work please buy a "no limits" keycode :)

You can freely download Obfusc and register with:


But... if you have a small or medium project and don't need to buy a keycode,please don't forget to add a "thank you" link from your site to !

New with Obfusc 3.0+ !
You can evaluate any project now!


ywliu said...

I tried and paid for your work yesterday. It's the best price-to-performance ratio that I can find on the market.

There are several choices there but just too expensive or not really practical in the real world, or requires a runtime server module to go with it, which may be arguably better but usually too much trouble to use.

Thanks for your work.

Anonymous said...

People should read this.

Anonymous said...

Is this free key still supposed to be working? as I get 'invalid key' when I try to enter the details provided.

Thanks :)

Sînică said...

You don't need a free key now,it was something for 2.x versions.

Nataniel said...

not work here... please send updated evaluation key :)

Sînică said...

The key was for old versions, with newest version the Obfusc will work without an evaluation key but the obfuscated code will fail in 30 days.