Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Full evaluation!

Now (with 3.0 beta7) you can evaluate your full project. Don't use in production without a keycode because it will fail to work properly after a week!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Medium size projects evaluation key for obfusc

I decided to give free to small companies and indepennent programmers a keycode for obfusc.
This key works for projects with less than 1000 unique identifiers (a large majority of php projects)!
If you are a biger company or want to support my work please buy a "no limits" keycode :)

You can freely download Obfusc and register with:


But... if you have a small or medium project and don't need to buy a keycode,please don't forget to add a "thank you" link from your site to !

New with Obfusc 3.0+ !
You can evaluate any project now!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Obfusc Encoder?

I will appreciate if anybody can send me examples where the encoder doesn't work properly.
I think that if you know your application and know what to not encode, it should work.
I will keep some time Obfusc 2.0 in beta stage until I'm convinced that it works perfectly.
I did the same for first version,so after release I "donated" a free license only for 2 people, even if many tried to find a real bug in Obfusc :)
If you find a real problem with the encoder, I will give you a free license.
Good luck!


Do you need to discuss with me about Obfusc (PHP obfuscator and encoder)? Put comments here!